I read mostly fiction. I consider it a way to travel inexpensively. “Catcher in the Rye” was the first novel I recall having a profound effect on me, which may sound strange as I was in my mid-twenties at the time. I think it was the expressive voice on paper that drew me to reading more over the next twenty years. It also inspired me to write. I’ve written 30-some short stories, and I recently completed a novel, which is in the marketing phase of publishing through Tate and due out November 29th. I knew I had a novel in me somewhere, but I could never decide on the genre. It was through researching my family tree that I found someone to write about and who would give relevance to my novel. My great aunt became the inspiration for my novel “The Spirit of Nora”. As a single woman, she spent many years as a teacher in her home state of Minnesota, and served as an army nurse in France during WWI, where she died two months after Armistice Day as a result of complications from the Spanish flu.

I also like to paint (mostly oil and pastel), and play golf and tennis. I live with my wife, Tory, a horse enthusiasist and Sudoku junkie, in a SW suburb of the Twin Cities with our Havanese, Harley, and two cats, Samson and Apollo.


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