Water Does Not Prevent Dehydration…And 2 + 2 = 5 After All

Finally. A new study has just come out declaring that consuming water does not prevent dehydration. And any producer of bottled water claiming otherwise will be subject to legal repercussions, according to a new European Union law scheduled to take effect next month, starting in the U.K.

As potentially damaging as these sorts of studies and laws can be to our collective understanding of things, it’s also entertaining to observe such pronounced absurdity in action. I can’t wait for the decision deeming the air we breathe as a non-source for sustaining life on Earth. Of course, I jest, as there is no such study (I’m pretty sure), at least not yet.

I remember the days when water was just water, flowing from the tap and regulated by the government to ensure the supply was not subject to contamination from runoff and ground seepage from agriculture and industry. But once the idea to bottle, market and sell water came about, all bets were off as far as its maintaining its status as merely the nectar of the gods. A mix of free enterprise and government oversite has muddied the waters.

The government has long suggested the consumption of eight glasses of water a day to maintain a safe level of hydration. But now, at least in the case of Europe, we’re supposed to believe that it does no such thing.

There are silly semantics at work here, such that I’m reminded of George Orwell’s definition of the term Doublethink in his novel 1984 in which the meaning of a word takes on two contrary definitions, depending on what the ruling party is attempting to convey to the general population. It would appear the new EU legislation is an attempt to jump the gun, expecting us little people to accept their contrary notion of what it means, biologically, to consume water. Ridicule should be their reward.

We tend to roll our eyes when the latest study over the health benefits from, e.g., eggs, is first positive, and then negative followed again by positive. Winston Smith, the protagonist in 1984, under physical duress, succumbs to the belief that 2 + 2 = 5, and, in the end, willingly agrees that it was always so. Thankfully, as well as unfortunately, the reach of government can be both blinded and positively inept. In other words, most of us are able to see through the wasted tax dollars and pervasive contradictions in policy.

This doesn’t mean our worries should be dismissed or it’s okay to get up and walk out during the middle of the show because we find the performance of our political elites exhausting. We all need to remain cognitive of the erosion of our sense of what is considered common sense and spring to action, mocking those who would attempt to make our thoughts either regressive or contrary. This should not require a great deal of effort. However, you’ll probably know when your efforts to do just that have lapsed into critical mode when one day you find a cage with a hungry rat strapped to your head.


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