Next Time Rely on Nostradamus

Often times I’ll allow myself to be sucked up in a world event, probably to the detriment of both my sanity and my home life. Nothing stirs the mental pot or sends the family pets into hiding more so than my fretting over a catastrophic world event. In some cases, I’ll even reference the predictions of Nostradamus to find either confirmation or deeper meaning. After all, he was right about the three Kennedy brothers – Ted did eventually die. So I was quite shaken when I came across the following quatrain and its relation to Hurricane Irene:

Hurry, Cain, and raise it like never before
Eye see you, but to your rage we are invisible
Coast along with the force of hell
Dare to kill the devil with crashing waves
Draped in Ire’s “pretty red dress”
– Century XXI, Quatrain 11

As I was near the point of sharing this revelation with others, I noticed some clues were less subtle while others seemed void of reference. However, as Irene proceeded up the East Coast, a few things stopped me from declaring that the sky was falling. The scenes of mummified news people reporting from overcast, windy beaches while in the background surfers waited for the emergence of at least one credible pipe wave. Claims of ships heading to the eye of Irene to ride it out, even though radar tracking clearly indicated an eyeless storm that had most likely drifted off into an irritable slumber. And a photo of the president at the helm at the hurricane command center appeared more like open mic at a local radio station’s state fair booth. (The weather was most likely not golf-friendly up at Martha’s Vineyard, so why not spend the day playing meteorological video games at the NRCC?)

Thankfully, I had sense enough to refer back to the original quatrain and to read the next one:

Rumors travel far and wide
Peddling fear from rainbow’s end
…A leader wasting a crisis not
Worst is soggy boots and foamy beaches
Only the masses’ minds are soaking wet
– Century XXI, Quatrain 11.1

So here’s an instance where the president and his advisers, the professional meteorologists, and the media sensationalists, would all have been well-advised to rely on the predictions of Nostradamus. After all, everyone of the computer models, pointed in the same direction, proved inaccurate. Guess I wasn’t the only one getting worked up over nothing.


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