I Love(Hate) the Seasons

Give me my youth, with school days just ended. Give me the spring of freedom, the quiet nights growing long, the stars exploding all around me, and the smell of a bonfire nearby, warming the evening’s chill. Pass the time laughing with friends while daydreaming about the others, hoping to hold someone’s hand, to steal a kiss in the dark, or to outsmart the law. Begin growing restless, filled with doubts about the future, idling under a hot, busy sun.
Give me my youth, when the cares of the day only felt heavy. Give me the sweet coolness of a fall breeze against my face, the sounds of chattering leaves all around me, and the sight, off in the distance, of a grand place for all to gather. Pass a long-ago weekend afternoon with self-reflection and hometown pride. Watch friends united both on the field and in the stands. Win or lose, we are all alive! But for a moment. Fade into winter, year after year. Year after year, where’s that moment?


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