Lock and Key

I’m big on recollecting my past. Whether it’s through sights (old pics), sounds (old music), or smells, I enjoy being transported back in time. It’s funny but I think I have a better appreciation for the past now than I did while living in it. I should conclude from this that I am squandering the present by not really appreciating it. It’s hard though as time has a strange way of erasing the past by means of technology and ethical grayness. It seems the more advanced we are as a culture, the less certain we are as to what is considered right or wrong, hence, I find myself longing for the past. I imagine this is the case for every generation. I’m sure I’ve observed more than once how kids now-a-days are doing things we would never even considered back when. One example that comes to mind is how I used to wear my shirt tail out and how some kids these days have no problem wearing their pants halfway down their butts. No doubt it’s a rebellious sign of independence.

I’m currently editing a novel I wrote this past summer. It’s a fictional account about my mother’s aunt who served as an army nurse in France during WWI. She succumb to the Spanish flu and passed away two months after Armistice Day. But I thought I would write a story in which she survives and tell how her life might have been had she lived. I’m writing from her POV and how she deals with the changing world around her. The main reason I wrote it is because I felt it was something relevant to my heritage.


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